‘W’ from the red ‘Welcome’ floor mat often found at the entrances of Cha Chaan Tengs.


Window frame decoration
found on the ground floor of Mido Cafe.


A floral tile pattern found on the ceiling of Mido Cafe. Tile is a common material used in the interior of Cha Chaan Tengs but it’s rare to see them being used on the ceiling.


Waterproof coated canvas at the entrance of Cha Chaan Teng provides for rainy days.


Terrazzo is a composite material, which is often used for floor and wall treatments in Cha Chaan Tengs.


A typical booth-style table attached to the wall with one stand for support. Usually, there is a sheet of protective glass on top of the tabletop that displays menus underneath.


Venetian blinds are used for their durability and ease of maintenance.


Booth-style tables and benches are the preferred seats for customers because of the relative comfort they offer. The design is inspired from early train booth.


Orders are taken using unique jargons and shorthands to suit Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle. Here is a squiggle for the Chinese word 麵 ‘noodles’ & 檸茶 (OT) ‘Lemon Tea’.


‘Designated four-people seat’ sign. Strangers are often made to share the same table during peak hours.


A modular menu display system that is easy to update.


Cupboard decoration found in Mido Cafe.


The mixed-use of different tiles’ patterns in one Cha Chaan Tengs has created a unique visual language. The tile patterns are visually appealing and rich in tangible texture.


The classic Cha Chaan Teng
uniform comes with a small pocket for notepad and pens for taking orders. Pockets often bare ink marks from leaky pens.


Some Cha Chaan Tengs have stairs leading up to the second floor where it is often quieter and has more seats. Usually a sign with the Chinese word ‘二樓雅座’ can be found on the first floor as an indication.


Signage that reads ‘The Takeaway Section’, where food is packed for deliveries.


Tessera is a tile material that is durable and commonly used as ground tiles during 60s–70s.


A typical floral graphic (usually malt flower) printed in signature orange and yellow colours on the takeaway cups. It is usually around 8oz for a hot drink and 12oz for an iced drink.


Installing mosaic wall tiles is
considered as a highly skilled craft by tradesmen.


Chinese calligraphy has been commonly used as sign boards for many Cha Chaan Tengs. Kaishu and Clerical script are the main styles used as they are bold enough to be seen from a distance.